Linn County Pollinator Seed Mix

Shout out to Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust!

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The Monarch Research Project sends a big THANK YOU to Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust for supporting our seed give aways this fall.  Attendees at our recent Linn Landowner Forum received seed packets containing a special Linn County Pollinator seed mix to start a 400-square-foot prairie plot.

The seed mix was developed with plants native to Linn County and included forty varieties of milkweed, forbs, and grasses to provide season-long nourishment to monarchs, bees, and other pollinators.

Curious about our seed mix? Here’s what was included:

  1. Swamp Milkweed
  2. Common Milkweed
  3. Canada Anemone
  4. Prairie Sage
  5. Butterfly Weed
  6. Sky Blue Aster
  7. Heath Aster
  8. Smooth Blue Aster
  9. New England Aster
  10. Canadian Milk Vetch
  11. Partridge Pea
  12. Showy Tick Trefoil
  13. Pale Purple Coneflower
  14. Cream Gentian
  15. Sneezeweed
  16. Early Sunflower
  17. Button Blazing Star
  18. Prairie  Blazing Star
  19. Great Blue Lobelia
  20. Wild Bergamont
  21. Purple Prairie Clover
  22. Prairie Cinquefoil
  23. Foxglove Digitalis
  24. Mountain Mint
  25. Yellow Coneflower
  26. Black-Eyed Susan
  27. Sweet Black-Eyed Susan
  28. Showy Goldenrod
  29. Prairie Spiderwort
  30. Blue Vervain
  31. Hoary Vervain
  32. Culvers Root
  33. Golden Alexanders
  34. Lead Plant
  35. Little Bluestem
  36. Side-Oats Grama
  37. Canada Wild Rye
  38. Virginia Wild Rye
  39. Rough Dropseed
  40. Prairie Dropseed