Planting Forward

Planting Forward

On August 10, 2020 Cedar Rapids, IA was struck by a derecho, destroying over 50% of our tree canopy and damaging over 8,000 homes. This storm system affected 340 communities in 27 counties in Iowa. 

Planting Forward: A corporate regrowth and recovery program for Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities.

Planting Forward Tree Grant Program

Planting Forward is a grant program made available to Linn County residents in an effort to replant native Iowa trees that were lost in the 2020 derecho.

Participating in the Program

Monarch Research will work with Partners to send invitations for program participation.  Partnering agencies or companies will then present the program through email communication to their employees with details and registration options.

An overview of Planting Forward will be included in the program participation materials.  In this overview, participants will learn about the importance of native trees for environmental, land stewardship, pollinator, and native plant community ecological consideration.

Program guidelines along with required commitments for tree planting and care will be provided.

Tree Delivery

Monarch Research will work with Partners to source a variety of native Iowa trees for distribution.  Partners will care for the trees until the distribution is complete.

Depending on each company’s program, participants may receive 2-4 trees, free wood chips, tree wrap, a watering bucket, and both first and second-year planting and care instructions.

Tree Planting and Care

Participant use of trees: own property, or derecho impacted neighbor, family member, or local non-profit.  However, the participant who received the tree is responsible for educating anyone given a tree with program materials and proper planting and care instruction (These are found under References above).

The ideal planting season for these trees is early to mid-April or early to mid-Fall.

If your company is interested in participating or you would like more information, please use the CONTACT button above and let us know.