Mark your calendar for the following 2024 Monarch Research events:

MonarchFest! We’ll be at Indian Creek Nature Center Saturday, July 13. Visit the ICNC website to learn more. Click here.

Linn County Master Gardener’s Walk:  for the second time, we’ll be participating in the Garden Walk! Be sure to put July 20, 2024 on your calendar and look for more information soon.

Monarch Research Conference Series Webinars

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acorn to oak
Transforming an Acorn into an Oak:  Click below to view recorded session

acorn to oak

Webinar Highlights:

This uniquely educational webinar will provide the ‘recipe’ for everyone interested in transforming an acorn into an Oak tree – with their own hands – and watching it start to grow within 30 days. This keystone tree plays an important role in our environment, and together, with a presentation from Doug Tallamy, we will provide the instruction you need to get started.

Planting Forward Webinar
Planting Forward Webinar:  Click below to view recorded session

Clark McLeod

Webinar Highlights:

Join Clark McLeod, CEO of Monarch Research, in an interactive webinar to kick off our conference series.  Learn about:

  • The critical role native plants and trees perform in our ecosystem
  • The crisis facing our insect population today
  • Steps you can take in your own backyard to sustain our future for generations to come
  • Status updates on current Linn County Monarch Research Programs
  • Next steps for joining Linn County’s “Planting Forward” movement.
Pollinator Zones 101 Webinar:  Click below to view recorded session

Jim Hoffman

Webinar Highlights:

Join Jim Hoffman, our resident Pollinator Zones™ Expert as he guides us through the steps for creating “living landscapes” on our property.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Why native plants and trees are so important in our landscapes.
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating Pollinator Zones™ on your land, including:
    • Selecting a plot
    • Land preparation
    • Seeding (using seed mix available from Monarch Research)
    • Maintenance steps
    • Progress reporting
  • How to join Linn County’s new Planting Forward Plant Force
Advanced Pollinator Zones Webinar:  Click below to view recorded session

Webinar Highlights:

Join Jim Hoffman, our resident Pollinator ZonesExpert, and a few of ISU’s Master Gardeners, in an interactive session on advanced habitat restoration techniques.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Identification and removal of invasive plant species
  • How to expand your Pollinator Zones
  • “Polliscaping” techniques, taught by ISU Master Gardeners
  • Frequently asked questions & solutions regarding caring for your Pollinator Zones
Intro to Monarch Rearing Webinar
Introduction to Monarch Rearing:  Click below to view recorded session

Webinar Highlights:

In this fun session, Mike Martin will share with you simple techniques for rearing Monarch butterflies on your balcony, deck, porch, patio or backyard using a 15”x 15”x 30″ Monarch Lifecycle Kit with LIVE, actively growing milkweed plants.

Rearing kits will be available for local purchase at the MRS-Monarch Research Station.

Advanced Monarch Zones:  Click below to view recorded session

Webinar Highlights

  • Want to take it to the next level in monarch rearing?  Join us in this session with our monarch rearing experts to learn about “Autonomous Rearing”…the simplest method for “self-supported” rearing of Monarch butterflies, in a Monarch Research BioTent, on NEW or existing stands of milkweed plants