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unloading trees

14,535 Trees

683 1024 Monarch Research Project

In the next three weeks an army of 3,318 individuals will receive and plant 14, 535 trees as part of our Planting Forward program. The Planting Forward program started in 2020 and, with the trees arriving in April, will have facilitated the distribution and planting of over 40,000 native trees.  The program has a goal…

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swamp milkweed

Young Prairie Becomes Dazzling Pollinator Zone

228 320 Monarch Research Project

It’s amazing what can be done with a dream, a plan, and some serious effort!  Anne Armitage shared photos of her 1-year-old, nearly one-acre prairie that has ‘wowed’ the team at Monarch Research.  When we asked Anne the secret to her success, she graciously shared the following details. After making the commitment to creating the…

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SRS Planting Forward Team

Strategic Financial Solutions (SFS) Plants Forward

1024 657 Monarch Research Project

In 2021, Monarch Research founder Clark McLeod spoke at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Rotary Club about the need to replenish, restore and replace the damaged tree canopy in Linn County due to the 2020 Derecho. Strategic Financial Solutions President Larry Witzel was in the audience and knew this was a program he could support and…

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winter tree protection

Planting Forward for Woodlands in the news

543 362 Monarch Research Project

We have been busy promoting the Planting Forward for Woodlands program! Listen to Clark’s interview with Doug Wagner on WMT on February 2, 2022: Planting Forward is a local effort to replant our trees on private property. If you missed this weekend’s Gazette, check out Marissa Payne’s article: Help for large landowners who lost trees…

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Planting Forward Montage

Tree Orders OPEN: Planting Forward for Woodlands

1024 566 Monarch Research Project

Planting Forward for Woodlands IOWA NATIVE TREE RESTORATION Planting Forward for Woodlands was developed by Monarch Research in response to the loss of native trees during the 2020 Derecho. The program embraces the critical need for fast-growing, low-cost, NATIVE tree restoration. This program is geared toward Linn County Landowners with three or more acres of…

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Woodland Planting Forward

Planting Forward for Woodlands: Coming Soon

1024 734 Monarch Research Project

Woodland Planting Forward program coming soon!

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trees unloaded at the MRS

30,000 Trees!

1024 768 Monarch Research Project

The Monarch Research Project is providing trees to EVERY school employee across Linn and Benton counties!  Nearly 8,000 native Iowa trees will be planted this October. All trees are free of charge and will be delivered to school sites in mid-October. Employees at 15 school districts and the Grant Wood AEA selected trees from 25…

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October is Monarch and Milkweed Month: get free seeds!

150 150 Monarch Research Project

In recognition of October being named “Monarch and Milkweed Month” in Cedar Rapids, residents are invited to request free milkweed seed through a mail-in giveaway. Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart signed the National Wildlife Association’s Mayors’ Monarch Pledge in 2021. More than 600 mayors across the nation have signed the pledge. The pledge commits the…

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Planting Forward Unity Point

Planting Forward: Spring Recap

683 1024 Monarch Research Project

In April we launched the first Planting Forward efforts in Linn County. We partnered with several organizations, including Unity Point Health Systems, Mercy Hospital, and Linn County & Conservation to distribute thousands of trees to their employees and friends. We are grateful to to the Unity Point/St. Luke’s Foundation for their continued input as we develop…

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winter sowing

Winter Milkweed Sowing

240 320 Monarch Research Project

Mike has been drinking a lot of milk! And he’s doing spring work. Here are his steps for using gallon or half gallon sized milk jugs for winter sowing of milkweed: Steps 1-4 Step 1: Wash/Rinse a gallon or half-gallon sized milk jug (our images show a gallon size) Step 2: take a Sharpie and…

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