One Child, One Tree

This innovative program aims to foster a deep connection between children and nature by offering complimentary native trees to new parents in Linn County.

“The “One Child, One Tree” program signifies a meaningful opportunity for parents to instill a love for nature and environmental stewardship in their children, creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.” – Clark McLeod

NEW & SOON-TO-BE PARENTS: If you are a new or soon-to-be new parent in Linn County and are interested in this program, contact us directly at   We will send you the code you need to order your tree!

Ordering Your Child’s Tree is Simple!

  1. 1. Contact us for your code.

2. Click on the ‘Order Here’ button below.

2.Enter the Order Code.

3.Complete the contact information.

4.Select a tree from the species selection document.

5.Submit your order.

Trees are available while supplies last.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to get my tree?

There are two organized order and pick-up dates on our program calendar:

  • Fall Orders:  if your order is placed March thru August tree pickup will be in October.
  • Spring Orders: if your order is placed September thru February tree pickup will be in April.
  • We will coordinate specific dates when we submit our orders in late fall and early spring.
  • All pickups will be at the Monarch Research Facilities: 4970 Lakeside Road, Marion, IA

What if I don’t have a place to plant my tree?

We recognize that not all parents have a suitable location to plant a tree for their child. To address this, we partnered with Linn County Conservation who will provide an area within a County Conservation park, preserve, or natural area where trees are needed as part of restoration goals. These areas will be designated as the ‘Children’s Woodlands’ for One Child, One Tree plantings. Parents choosing this option will receive instructions from Monarch Research as to when and where to plant their tree under the guidance of park rangers.

  • Trees planted in the Children’s Woodlands areas will not be physically marked as part of the Program, but families are welcome to use mapping software, pictures, etc. on their digital devices to mark the tree for future visits. □
  • After planting, Linn County Conservation will provide general care for the tree in the first year to assist with establishment, including watering the tree should a period of drought be experienced. Fencing will eventually be removed and recycled when the tree is large enough to prevent damage from deer. □
  • Conservation will not replace the tree in future years should it die from a storm, disease or other pests, but will allow Monarch Research to provide a replacement and will help coordinate replanting.

Can I order a tree for my older child? 

Yes. Let us know you need an additional code. Orders will need to be placed individually since the order form will only allow one tree selection.

Who pays for these trees?

The program is funded by an amazing group of community-minded individuals who have provided generous donations to Monarch Research. With their support, and the many volunteers who donate their time, we are able to help restore habitat and tree canopy in Linn County.

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