City of Marion & Monarch Research

Marion Native Tree Right-of-Way Enrichment Pilot

The 2022 order window has closed. We read more about this program and join us in 2023!

Monarch Research (MR), in partnership with the City of Marion, is excited to announce the Marion Native Tree Right-of-Way (ROW) Enrichment Pilot for area residents. The primary goal of the city-wide initiative is to provide residents and landowners, subject to ROW easements, with native Iowa trees to replace trees lost during the 2020 derecho, and to establish new growth in areas that were previously vacant.

Below are the pilot details that outline how you can join the effort to help us replenish the tree canopy in Marion.



The pilot is open to Marion residents and landowners/businesses who are subject to a Right-of-Way (ROW) easement.


  • The pilot is limited to the first 250 residents or landowners/businesses who register online through the custom link provided through email communications and website links.
  • Each resident may receive up to 3 trees. One of the three trees must be an Oak.
  • These may be for the homeowner and/or friend/neighbor. With a successful pilot, the initiative will expand in 2023.


  • Residents and landowners will order via online registration. 2023 dates to be announced.
  • Residents should review the tree species list available online. This is located on the Monarch Research/Habitats and Trees/Planting-Forward web page under ‘References’.
  • It’s important that you review the tree requirements below. This will save time and headaches later.
    • Suitable spacing for a tree in the right-of-way should be approximately 40 feet wide or 20 feet on either side of the location where the hole will be dug.  The right-of-way planting strip shall be no less than 4 feet deep between the curb and sidewalk.
    • All locations where the root ball shall be planted must be a minimum of 10 feet from driveway approaches, fire hydrants, stormwater inlet boxes, and streetlight and utility poles.
    • Any overhead utilities such as electricity and communication lines will require a small crown species selection to mitigate future conflicts.
    • ALL planting sites must be 30 feet from any traffic intersection and meet the above standards.
  • Residents will complete an online form for themselves.
    • If a second address is needed, a second check box will be available to enter the additional address. This applies if one or more of your tree choices goes to another address – in addition to your own.
  • Monarch Research will donate all tree stock and tree protection supplies for this pilot.
  • Once a resident or landowner/business has registered, Marion Urban Forestry personnel will complete a drive-by survey to determine if the tree selection is feasible for the area selected and make changes if needed.


  • The date and time of distribution will be approximately the first week in October. Once orders are complete, specific details will be communicated to each order recipient.
  • Residents are REQUIRED to contact Iowa One Call at 811 before planting trees.
  • Tree recipients are responsible for the care and watering of trees. Instructions will be provided and may be found on the Monarch Research/Habitat and Trees/Planting Forward web page.

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