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July 2019

Rearing Monarch Butterflies Naturally in a Protected Environment

150 150 Monarch Research Project

Update of a Monarch 6×6 BioTent on a naturally growing plot of milkweed stocked by wild OE free adult butterflies. We are conducting research to compare the success of monarchs…

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Monarchs in BioTent

Rearing on Autonomous Plots at MRS

768 1024 Monarch Research Project

Guest post by Jabe Gonder, MRS Summer Research Intern. 6×6 milkweed plot is prepared for a BioTent This summer’s research is in full swing headed into the second week of…

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Orlan Love Prairie Dedication

Orlan Love Prairie Dedicated

1024 681 Monarch Research Project

Orlan Love in the Orlan Love Prairie, Squaw Creek State Park. On Tuesday, June 24 a 6.6 acre pollinator prairie within Linn County’s Squaw Creek State Park was formally dedicated…

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Chrysalis at the MRS.

OE Testing

768 1024 Monarch Research Project

Kallie is hard at work at the MRS testing for OE: Ophryocystis elektroscirrha, a single celled parasite that  infects monarchs. We test every monarch in the station. Kallie tests adult…

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