Seed Mix

Once your Pollinator Zone™ ground is properly prepared for planting, you will be ready to take the next exciting step in your “Planting Forward” journey.   In support of our 5,000 Pollinator Zone goal, Monarch Research will provide you with seeds to cover a 100 sq. ft or 400 sq. ft patch of land as a “thank you” for joining Linn County’s “Planting Forward PlantForce”. Developed through a partnership with Iowa State University and Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, our custom seed mix consists of 40 different native plant species that will delight local pollinators and birds.   Your established Pollinator Zone will be a beautiful addition to your land and will serve as a living landscape benefiting generations to come!

Black-Eyed Susan - Pollinator Zone Seed Mix
Blue Vervain - Pollinator Zone Seed Mix
Butterfly Weed - Pollinator Zone Seed Mix
Common Milkweed - Pollinator Zone Seed Mix
Prairie Spiderwort