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Linn County Conservation

1000 Acres Pollinator Initiative Receives ISAC’s Excellence in Action Award

560 420 Monarch Research Project

The following post is shared from the Linn County News feed posted on  August 29, 2019.  Linn County Conservation presented with 2019 Excellence in Action award from ISAC The Linn County 1,000 Acres Pollinator Initiative is a recipient of the 2019 Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC) Excellence in Action Award. The Excellence in Action…

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Rearing Monarch Butterflies Naturally in a Protected Environment

150 150 Monarch Research Project

Update of a Monarch 6×6 BioTent on a naturally growing plot of milkweed stocked by wild OE free adult butterflies. We are conducting research to compare the success of monarchs reared in the tent to that of nature here in Iowa.

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Monarchs in BioTent

Rearing on Autonomous Plots at MRS

768 1024 Monarch Research Project

Guest post by Jabe Gonder, MRS Summer Research Intern. 6×6 milkweed plot is prepared for a BioTent This summer’s research is in full swing headed into the second week of July. We are continuing the experimentation of “One and Done”—Rearing Monarch Butterflies on the Wild Side— at our research station. Beginning in early June, the…

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Orlan Love Prairie Dedication

Orlan Love Prairie Dedicated

1024 681 Monarch Research Project

Orlan Love in the Orlan Love Prairie, Squaw Creek State Park. On Tuesday, June 24 a 6.6 acre pollinator prairie within Linn County’s Squaw Creek State Park was formally dedicated as the Orlan Love Prairie.  The name honors Orlan Love, a writer and columnist at the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Tributes, news, and remarks by Orlan…

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Chrysalis at the MRS.

OE Testing

768 1024 Monarch Research Project

Kallie is hard at work at the MRS testing for OE: Ophryocystis elektroscirrha, a single celled parasite that  infects monarchs. We test every monarch in the station. Kallie tests adult monarchs (it’s not possible to test caterpillars for the disease); she’s looking for microscopic spores on the abdomen of the butterfly. Any monarchs found with…

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Doug Tallamy

4th Annual Linn Landowners Forum: Save the Date

410 408 Monarch Research Project

Mark September 29, 2019 on your calendar for the 4th Annual Linn County Landowner Forum. This year’s event will be special! We’re featuring a talk by Doug Tallamy, professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware. Doug is a well-known conservationist, and engaging speaker, as well as the author…

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Monarchs in the Making

768 1024 Monarch Research Project

Cam, Mike, Kallie, our intern Jabe, and lots of volunteers have been hard at work at the MRS. We have over 800 chrysalides getting ready to emerge! These monarchs will be the mating monarchs that provide eggs for our over 180 active Monarch Zones in and around Linn County, IA. One of many tents within…

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Parks for Pollinators: Linn County BuzzBlitz – Saturday, June 8

150 150 Monarch Research Project

If you’re looking for a fun way to help out the pollinators this weekend, check out the BuzzBlitz happening at Wickiup Hill this weekend: Parks for Pollinators: Linn County’s BuzzBlitz 2019 Calling all citizen scientists! June is pollinator month and we are excited to host a bioblitz to check the health and habitat of Linn…

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Cedar Rapids Gazette: Monarch Moonshot: Officials hope to make Linn County center of butterfly production and habitat

750 500 Monarch Research Project

MARION — The launchpad is prepared for a pair of projects aimed at making Linn County the epicenter of both monarch butterfly production and the habitat they and other pollinators need to sustain themselves… Read more. Published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, August, 2016. Author: Orlan Love.

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Monarch butterfly

Cedar Rapids Gazette: Project: More monarch habitat on the way to Cedar Rapids

668 500 Monarch Research Project

Project headed by Cedar Rapids residents secures 20,000 milkweed plugs September 4, 2015

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