Follow along as local “Ecological Restorationist” accepts the Tallamy Challenge

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Rich and Marion Patterson are great examples of Linn County citizens that are emblematic of the “Tallamy Challenge” by converting over 50% of their unproductive land into Pollinator Zones, or “living landscapes.” A life-long naturist dedicated to ecological restoration, Rich served as the Executive Director of the Indian Creek Nature Center for 35 years, retiring from the position in 2014 to focus on fund-raising for the local nature restoration organization. The Pattersons, who have partnered with the Monarch Research organization, have also created a website and consulting business dedicated to helping people transform their yards into beautiful, native living landscapes rich in biological diversity. “Winding Pathways” ( provides visitors of the site with educational resources for creating a chemical-free yard that “yields healthy food and quietude, invites play, and allows all to enjoy the wildlife and plants that share the yard with their human neighbors.”

In late 2019, the Pattersons decided to convert a 3,000 sq ft patch of previously mowed lawn into a native prairie. They’ve created a fantastic blog, “Prairie Renaissance,” detailing the on-going transformation process with pictures, tips/tricks, and other helpful information. You can check out this great resource and subscribe to their newsletter at To view the Patterson’s “Prairie Renaissance” blog, go to the (Sub)Urban Homesteading section and choose “Garden/Yard.” Here are some links to recent posts highlighting their Pollinator Zone development efforts:

Our thanks to Marion and Rich Patterson for joining the “Planting Forward” movement!